What Gases Are Found in Outer Space?

Answer Outer space consists of a huge vacuum. Through gravitational pull, planets and other astronomical bodies, like the Earth, suck out most of the gas and particles in outer space. The most dominant ga... Read More »

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How long does it take the space shuttle to reach outer space from launch?

Answer It takes about 8 minutes from launch for the shuttle to reach space. How is that for speed? Once in space, the space shuttle and the International Space Station orbit the Earth about 16 tim... Read More »

When did the international space station launch into outer space?

The first part launched in 1998. It's not yet finished, the last module is supposed to launch in 2012. More modules could be added in the future.

Why were the noble gases found last?

When the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of noble gases was awarded to Sir William Ramsay in 1904, the president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences remarked, "The discovery of an e... Read More »

What are the gases found in neon signs?

According to I Love Neon, a sign supplier, neon gas is most commonly used in signs that glow red. Most other colors consist of argon combined with different combinations of glass and phosphor. Othe... Read More »