What Garden Plants Can Grow Vertically?

Answer If you're short on space or looking for a creative way to keep a garden, go vertical with your plants. Although most plants from trees to flowers grow upright, a vertical garden typically refers to... Read More »

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What do plants need to grow in a hydroponic garden?

In hydroponic gardens, plants are grown in a special soil-less mixture. The plants are fed nutrients and watered. Traditional methods of using soil and manure are not used.Soil-less MixtureHydropon... Read More »

Christians or others - What plants would you grow in an R&S theme garden?

How to Grow Garden Plants?

Growing garden plants successfully is not as difficult as many people think and propagating (raising garden plants from seed or cuttings) is just as easy.Once you know how it becomes a real pleasur... Read More »

How do I grow plants in a shade garden?

Preparing SoilRemove all weeds, rocks and debris from the area, using a small garden shovel. Loosen the soil by passing over it once with a garden tiller. Lay down a 2-inch layer of organic materia... Read More »