What Games Did the Pilgrim Children Play?

Answer With their hats, wide collars and stringent way of life, you might think that children today would not recognize the games Pilgrim children played. However, they are much the same as today's childr... Read More »

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What percentage of children play computer games?

A survey conducted between 2007 and 2008 by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that a startling 97% of children frequently play video games. The study looked at children between the a... Read More »

What Types of Games Do Children Play in China?

In every culture, children invent games, and many of these games have remarkable similarities between cultures. Children around the world love chasing, drawing, colliding, imagination and other pla... Read More »

What are some games children with disabilities can play to help them learn?

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Educational Games for Children to Play?

Games can be an essential and effective tool for helping children to learn. Incorporating games and activities into a lesson plan help to capture children's attention and make them feel they are si... Read More »