What GSM Network does T-Mobile Use?

Answer A GSM network is a cellular network that phones use to connect and make calls. The GSM network used by T-Mobile in the United States is GSM 1900. T-Mobile customers can use many different GSM netwo... Read More »

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What network does Boost mobile use?

Boost Mobile uses the Sprint Nextel calling network. Boost Mobile is a mobile phone service company operating under the Sprint Nextel umbrella. The company offers unlimited calling plans, as well a... Read More »

What mobile phone is on every network?

There are a variety of competing methods that have been proposed for obstacle detection and many papers written on such methods. There have been few papers, however, which have offered more than a ... Read More »

Can you use a T-Mobile phone on the Cricket network?

You cannot use your T-Mobile phone with Cricket service. However, Cricket does have a Flipswap program that allows you to exchange your old phone for credit toward the purchase of a new Cricket pho... Read More »

How to Add a Mobile Wireless Hot Spot to Your Network?

So you have a cellular phone or dedicated 'hot spot' gadget. It's OK for connecting one or two computers to the internet, but it is insufficient for a wireless network on its own, sending backups t... Read More »