What Fun Things Can You Do After Your Graduation?

Answer Perhaps the most important question of young adults' lives after they graduate is "what's next?" When the world is your oyster, making a choice about what to do, or where to go, can be daunting. Mo... Read More »

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How Do I Answer "What are Your Plans for After Graduation"?

For most college graduates and their family and friends, graduation is an exciting time. College students work hard for years to complete their degrees, and graduation is a well-deserved celebratio... Read More »

What are things people said AFTER you had your baby that irritated you?

The things that got on my nerves after my babies were born were the "questioning my parenting" type comments. Any type of comment that insinuated that I did not know at all what I was doing and wa... Read More »

What are the consequences of punching things even after your knuckles get swollen and purple?

Fun Things to Rent for a Graduation Party?

A graduation of any level, such as preschool to kindergarten or high school to college, shows a commitment to learning and is cause for celebration. Invite your support team of family, friends and ... Read More »