What Fruits & Vegetables Can Be Planted in the Fall?

Answer Many vegetables and some fruits establish and grow best in the cooler fall months. August and September are good months to start thinking about and growing a second season of fruits and vegetables ... Read More »

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If you need 5 fruits and vegetables a day are you saying you need 5 fruits and 5 vegetables Or just 5 total?

You need a total of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, not 5 of each.A serving size of fruit would be, for example, one piece of fresh fruit (pear, peach, orange), or half a grapefruit, or a half ... Read More »

What vegetables should be planted together?

Planting two or more vegetables together to help benefit their growth is called companion planting. This method of planting can be used to prevent pest problems and maximize the health of vegetable... Read More »

What Fruits & Vegetables Can Parakeets Eat?

For a healthy and well-balanced diet, pet parakeets need vegetables and fruit introduced into their meals. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables recommended for your parakeet, and by introducing... Read More »

What Fruits & Vegetables Are in Season in November?

November is a time when there are many good fruits and vegetables in season. Everything from thin-skinned, perfect-for-snack-time fruits to the classic ingredients for a tasty soup are available du... Read More »