What French artist signed his paintings with l.d.?

Answer Jacques-Louis David (1748 to 1825) signed his paintings "l.d.," which stood for Louis David, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City website, commenting on his 1787 painting, The... Read More »

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What Italian artist is famous for various paintings of Madonna?

The Madonna, the Virgin Mary, has been a popular subject of art for centuries. She has been the star of many painting by Italian artists, including da Vinci and Giotto. However, the artist who is p... Read More »

Does an original oil painting have to be signed by the artist?

The purpose of signing an original oil painting is so that it can be identified. When time goes by, if the oil painting is not signed, no one will know who created it. In fact, it will probably los... Read More »

What is the childrens tv programme with the french artist who impersinates?

The only children"s TV show dealing with an artist that I can think of was Jon Gnagy.Gnagy is no longer living. his (Learn to Draw) was in reruns a long time and kits a and books survived him.

What is the value of a photograph of Jimmie Rodgers signed by him in 1928 and also a signed vinyl record?

The process you have described is called a grid transfer copying. The grid process has been developed for use in computer imaging as well. It is very useful for comparing proportions and getting th... Read More »