What Form of Energy Are Microwaves?

Answer Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation like light, X-rays, infrared and radiowaves. All forms of electromagnetic radiation share some characteristics. The factor that differentiates mic... Read More »

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What form of energy does a vacuum cleaner give off?

Is nuclear considered to be a form of kinetic energy?

Nuclear energy is classified as potential energy. Potential energy is energy stored and yet to be released. Kinetic energy is energy ready to be used like electricity. Since nuclear energy is store... Read More »

Why is falling water considered an indirect form of solar energy?

Solar energy heats water on the surface of the earth and changes it from liquid form to water vapor. The water vapor forms clouds from which rain or snow returns the water to the earth where it flo... Read More »

Microwaves am I the odd one out ?

Good for you for daring to be different, cooking your way and not just following the masses.I wouldn't be without my conventional oven for bread, baking, jams, chutneys and anything that takes a li... Read More »