What Forces Create the Screeching of Tires When a Car Slams on its Brakes?

Answer The screeching tire sound you hear when a car slams on its brakes comes from a tug-of-war between forces. The rubber's elastic nature is one force, and road friction is another. Newton's Third Law ... Read More »

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How to Stop Bike Brakes from Screeching?

After the many hours you spend riding your bike you may experience the occasional screechy brake. This is a very simple and easy problem to fix. Here is the solution for how to do it.

How to Diagnose a Screeching Sound When Applying a Car's Brakes?

If you're driving around one day and you hear an awful screeching or grinding when you apply your brakes, don't ignore it. Among the possible causes are worn brake pads, which constitute both a maj... Read More »

How to Adjust the Rear Drum Brakes With the Tires On?

Unlike disc brakes, which are self-adjusting by their design, the drum brakes commonly utilized on the rear wheels of many vehicles do require an initial adjustment whenever new linings are install... Read More »

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