What Foods keep your stomach full longer?

Answer You've seen some say high fiber, which means complex carbs. Others have said protein, such as meats, cheeses and nuts.In actuality, it's both, but the proteins need to be lean. Fats and carbs ping-... Read More »

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Tell me at least 5 foods that kill stomach fat?

@Darko If you want to lose belly fat by choosing 5 foods that kill stomach fat the first thing is Increasing your omega-3 fats from food like wild salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, and scallops... Read More »

Foods That Reduce Stomach Fat?

One of the most common complaints people have about their own bodies is excess stomach fat. Not only do people not like the look of a flabby stomach, but excess fat around the mid-section can also ... Read More »

What are the foods I can eat with diverticulitis that won't hurt my stomach?

I recently spent 7 days in the hospital recovering from an especially severe case of diverticulitis. There are three stages to the problem, when not showing any symptoms you have diverticulosis (th... Read More »

How to Eat the Right Foods to Settle an Upset Stomach?

These are real, healthy tips that can settle a sour stomach without pills and medications that cost a fortune!