What Food Makes Hair Grow?

Answer There are a number of foods that can naturally make hair grow and that can be easily incorporated into a healthy diet. If hair loss is an issue, it might be a better option to try eating these food... Read More »

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What Makes Hair & Nails Grow?

Hair and nails are created through keratinization, a process where protein (keratin) accumulates under the skin's surface in order to produce new hair and nails. Eating certain foods that are nutri... Read More »

What makes hair&fingernails grow?

Most hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month, although hair may grow faster during the summer months. The growth of your hair is determined mostly by your hormones and genetics, according to the Mayo... Read More »

What Makes Hair Grow Thicker?

Hair can become thin and brittle for a number of reasons, but natural remedies are the most effective and cost-efficient way to solve this problem. There are several treatments that will not only g... Read More »

What Makes Your Hair Grow Faster?

If your hair is slow to grow, there may be health and lifestyle changes you can make that will encourage it to grow faster. Although the average rate of hair growth for a healthy person is roughly ... Read More »