What Fonts Are in a PSD?

Answer A PSD contains all of the fonts you can access in other programs on your computer, such as word processors and other graphic design software. But when obtaining a PSD from an outside source such as... Read More »

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How to Change Mac Fonts to PC Fonts?

Newer Mac fonts from the OS X operating system (e.g., TrueType and Postscript Type 1) are compatible with Windows. However, you must convert Mac fonts from OS 9 or earlier (e.g., ac Type 1, Mac Tru... Read More »

What Fonts to Use for APA?

Whether you are writing a college paper or an article for publication in a journal, the appearance of your manuscript can leave a positive or negative impression on its reader. Even if your paper i... Read More »

What is kerning for fonts?

Kerning is a technique used in designing, formatting and typesetting a piece of text. By adjusting the kerning of letters, a designer is able to increase or adjust the amount of text in a line.Kern... Read More »

What Fonts to Use When Typing a Paper?

Believe it or not, the font you choose for your paper can affect your final grade. When selecting a font for typing a paper, make sure to use one that is clear and legible. Although cursive fonts m... Read More »