What Flowers begin with a n?

Answer narcissusnasturtiumNigella

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What are some flowers that begin with the letter K?

kangaroo paw (native to Western Australia)kunzeakerriaKing proteaKings-Spear (see link for photo)kniphofia uvaria (torch-lily)KingcupKennediaKaffir LilyKing ProteaKorean lilacKoelreuteriaKolkwitzia

What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

Herbs will suddenly grow tall, flower and produce seeds then die when it gets too hot for them. That is what it means for a plant to bolt.

What novel begins with Marley was dead to begin with?

What places begin with B and end with Y?

The song is titled "My Eyes Adored You" by many artists....