What Females Wore in the 1980s?

Answer Cindi Lauper's lyric, "Girls just want to have fun!" is one of the many popular anthems for the women of the 1980s. Fashion trends reflected this motto. Clothing tended to be flashy and over-the-to... Read More »

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Who was the nutritionist who wore black leather vest on television talk shows in the 1970s and 1980s?

What Men Wore in the 50s?

Most men of the 1950s had a polished and conservative look. Following the end of World War II, men came home and settled down to raise families and pursue their careers. They dressed for success an... Read More »

How many channels did tv's have in the 1980s?

In the United States, three major network channels dominated televisions in the days before cable became popular. Most households during the 1980s had at least two of the big three, which consisted... Read More »

How much did it cost for a TV in 1980s?

Daisuke Ono does his voice in the Japanese version.