What Features Have Allowed Animals to Live Successfully on Land?

Answer About 375 million years ago, the amount of dry land available for habitation across the globe was increasing. One of the first creatures to take advantage of that terrestrial change is called Tikta... Read More »

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What Do Plants Need to Live Successfully on Land?

Plants require three basic things for life. These include environmental factors, such as sunlight and carbon dioxide; water and nutrients. Does this Spark an idea?

What animals are allowed at school?

Because they may attack other students. Kids may have bad allergies to animals. Schools don't sickness that comes from animals.

Why are people who live in a condominium not allowed to have colored lights?

Read your governing documents to determine the basis upon which this decorating guideline is determined. In addition, owners and other residents are advised to petition the board or otherwise requ... Read More »

How have butterflies helped animals&plants live?

According to the Defenders of Wildlife, there are around 17,500 species of butterfly found worldwide. Although members of different species have different characteristics, they all contribute to t... Read More »