What Family is the Tomato Plant From?

Answer Tomato plants belong to the Solanaceae or nightshade family, giving them some perhaps surprising relatives from within the plant kingdom. Knowing the family a plant belongs to helps you to make dec... Read More »

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How do I plant tomato plants for a family?

PreparationStart tomato plants indoors four to six weeks before your last frost date or buy young plants at a garden center. Calculate how many plants you will need to feed your family. Twelve to 2... Read More »

If a tomato plant is infected with the mosaic virus can the seeds from that plant be used to plant new plants in following years or will the virus go with it.?

No, the seeds are sometimes affected and there is no way of telling which ones they are until too late. Some viruses can be controlled on seeds by a process of fermentation, but this doesn't appear... Read More »

If you plant the seeds from inside a tomato you buy from the supermarket, will it grow and bear fruit?

They should grow, however they may not produce a tomato that looks like the one you bought. If the tomato you bought is a hybrid or genetically manipulated the plant resulting from the seed plante... Read More »

Are dried leaves on a tomato plant from frostbite?

Since frost dehydrates plants and tomatoes require a lot of water, dried leaves may be the result of cold nights or frostbite. Dried leaves may also be a sign of drought stress. Dry, wilting leaves... Read More »