What Factors Affect the Behavior of Gas in a Closed Container?

Answer Gas molecules behave somewhat differently than molecules of solids or liquids. Particles of gases carry a great deal of kinetic energy, which keeps them in constant motion. Temperature, pressure,... Read More »

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Factors Influencing Ethical Behavior?

Ethics is a code of honor that individuals live by. What defines ethical from unethical behavior can be formed in early childhood and carry through to adulthood. The factors that define ethical beh... Read More »

How does the size of a container affect the rate at which water evaporates?

Water evaporation is a constant part of life on earth. Evaporation is the process in which water turns from a liquid to a gas, usually indicating "a state change below the boiling point of water."A... Read More »

Do closed accounts affect your credit report?

On One Hand: Closing Accounts Can HurtInformation reported to a credit bureau generally stays on your report for seven years. Thus, negative information from a closed account can adversely effect ... Read More »

Does music affect a dog's behavior?

On One Hand: Music Can Be SoothingMost knowledge of the effects of music on dogs comes from a study conducted by psychologist and animal behaviorist Deborah Wells. Dogs exposed to classical music b... Read More »