What Facebook number?

Answer I think you are asking about FB number-ID. Ok, in FB everyone has one. Murk's number ID is 4However if you wanna know anyone's number-ID.Go to the profile. Either their is the number-ID or a name I... Read More »

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What if you give a fake number to get registered on Facebook ?

I would suggest using a real phone number. Especially if they send verification (through SMS) or if your account gets hacked.

What is the maximum number of friends you can have in Facebook?

Why? Nobody has that many friends!! Do they??

What is it when someone post on Facebook "inbox me a number for fate or pass"?

its basically, um youre asking them if they would date you or not like fate= date pass= no thank like, you inbox them a number representing you and so with that number, that person makes a s... Read More »

What's Facebook number?