What Facebook number?

Answer I think you are asking about FB number-ID. Ok, in FB everyone has one. Murk's number ID is 4However if you wanna know anyone's number-ID.Go to the profile. Either their is the number-ID or a name I... Read More »

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What's Facebook number?

How do you get someone else's Facebook ID number?

open their profile, and then change the WWW to GRAPH and it will show you the ID

How to Sign Up for Facebook Without Using a Number?

When you visit Facebook from a mobile phone Web browser, the site redirects you to the mobile-friendly Facebook site, which has a layout that's easier to use in a small phone browser than the tradi... Read More »

Should I remove my number from facebook?

If you got the phone second hand than he might be telling the truth but surely he would've removed the settings and his number on Facebook associated with that phone before he sold it? However it's... Read More »