What FREE WEBSITE can i use to make a black and white pic with some color?

Answer there are so many software for this efectyou can try is difrent site but good

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How could I make black& white pictures with some color?

A black-and-white photographic image with a small area of color can sometimes be viewed in an art gallery or seen in an art book dedicated to photography. Creating such an image requires a good eye... Read More »

How to Make the Background Color Only Black & White in Photoshop?

Taking a picture isn't usually as simple and straight forward as "black and white," but the resulting photograph can be. No matter the colors, shades or hues captured on film, when you bring the im... Read More »

How do you make certain parts of a picture with color and the rest black and white?

on photoshop you can select the whole picture by pressing apple -> A or if you're on a pc its ALT -> Athe you use the lasso tool and select what ever part you want to stay colored but make sure whe... Read More »

Black is a color. white is also a color. Then why black&white TV is not called as a color TV?

In technical terms, it's simple:Black is not a color... it is the absence of all colorWhite, on the other hand, is a mix of all colors. However... technically, and more accurately, a black and whit... Read More »