What Events Occur for Ethanol to Be Formed?

Answer Ethanol has proven to be one of the more controversial alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. Ethanol that is made from corn has been said to burn at least as "dirty" as traditional gasoline. Also,... Read More »

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The major events that occur during childbirth?

Normally labor, the birth of a baby and delivery of the placenta. Complications include placenta abrupture, uterine rupture, maternal hemorrhage, prolapse cord, maternal or fetal death. These are a... Read More »

A mafia has recently been formed in Current Events?

No it is not ok! this turf is claimed YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ;-)

Events that occur when the drivers air bag deploys in a car crash?

Q&A: AirbagsNovember 2012…

Can you watch an entire season of 24 in one day so events really do occur in real time?

You can watch a whole season of 24 in one day because the show takes place in 24 hours.I know. But what about meals, bathroom breaks, sleep, and time during changing discs?