What European country is Copenhagen the capitol of?


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Which is the only European country that bans divorces?

Malta is the only European country that bans divorce. According to "Malta Today," 53 percent of the population favors permitting divorce. The figure is higher--62 percent--among citizens ages 18 to... Read More »

Which European country has a flag featuring a red dragon?

The national flag of Wales, known as Y Ddraig Goch (the Red Dragon) features a red dragon on a white and green field. The red dragon was a traditional symbol of Cadwallader, an early ruler of the a... Read More »

What European country was supplying weapons to Huerta's military?

In 1914 General Victoriano Huerta assassinated Mexican President Madero, marking the start of the Mexican Revolution. During the war, Germany provided Huerta with arms, ammunition, and other equipm... Read More »

Which Continental European Country is closest to the east coast of the US?

If you count the jet stream then the prevailing winds are from West to East making the the West coast the windward side. (This is of course given that the assumption is made over a period of time.... Read More »