What Equipment Is in a Police Car?

Answer When police officers go to work, many of them get behind the wheel of a car rather than sitting at a desk. Police cars are modified with special equipment to help police officers investigate crimes... Read More »

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What equipment do police officers carry on their duty belts?

While the exact items kept on a police officer's duty belt varies by location, some items are common to almost all police officers. These are a gun, holster, extra ammunition, radio, handcuffs, bat... Read More »

How to Care for Equipment While in the Police Academy?

All law officers have to graduate from the police academy in order to begin their jobs. However, the equipment that's used by students in the police academy is only on loan to them and not assigned... Read More »

Should police secure their equipment&belongings?

On One Hand: Carrying Equipment is ConvenientPolice officers carry several types of guns, ammunition, equipment and their own belongings in the course of their day to day jobs. Due to this, having ... Read More »

What is the total number of police officers at the henderson, nc police department?

The police department in Henderson, North Carolina, employs 58 law enforcement officers in addition to nine nonofficer staff members, according to its website. The Henderson Police Department has b... Read More »