What Emotions Are Stored in the Hips?

Answer The hips are home to the pelvic bone, which acts as a basin for storing old emotions. Any emotion can be stored in the hips, but old worries retained from past experience are the most common burden... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me about emotions that are stored in the body?

suppressed emotions get stored in the muscles and manifest as tension after a while. and whenever someone pushes the pain button, a burst out can happen or you suppress even more and the tension in... Read More »

How do i get help for my emotions?

Myabe if you have trouble eating enough then maybe you could start by eating a little bit at a time and then when you get comfortable with that amount, you could try eating a little bit more next t... Read More »

How to Not Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You?

Control your emotions with visualization and relaxation.

Do plants have emotions?

Many people jump to the assumption that we as humans are superior to anything else on Earth. That unless it fits into the "human experience" box it can not exist. How sad. Let me answer your questi... Read More »