What Emotions Are Stored in the Hips?

Answer The hips are home to the pelvic bone, which acts as a basin for storing old emotions. Any emotion can be stored in the hips, but old worries retained from past experience are the most common burden... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me about emotions that are stored in the body?

suppressed emotions get stored in the muscles and manifest as tension after a while. and whenever someone pushes the pain button, a burst out can happen or you suppress even more and the tension in... Read More »

What Parts of Our Brains Are Responsible for Emotions?

The brain is a complicated organ of the human body that is still not completely understood by scientists. The three major evolutions of the human brain over time are the archipallium (reptilian) br... Read More »

What emotions start with the letter k?

What Causes Big Hips?

A woman or man who has a healthy waist-to-hip ratio does not need to lose weight. But if a person's waist-to-hip ratio is higher than .85 for females or 1.0 for males, then the individual should co... Read More »