What Elements Are Responsible for Making Water Hard?

Answer In both industrial and domestic uses, hardness in water beyond an unacceptable range can lead to health problems, equipment failures and high maintenance costs. Hardness in water is a result of the... Read More »

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Ions That Are Responsible for Hard Water?

Hard water contains ions generated form the mineral present in the water. The source of these minerals can be natural or synthetic. Hardness in water is primarily the cause of formation of specific... Read More »

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Why is yeast responsible for making bread rise?

According to The Cook's Thesaurus website yeast is used in the process of making a variety of products including bread, wine and beer. Bread is made using baker's yeast which has a different make u... Read More »

If you add softened water to a swimming pool with hard water rather than draining and refilling how could the addition of soft water be corrosive?

The corrosive properties of water are not affected by its hardness. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the types of source water that yield naturally soft or naturally hard wat... Read More »