What Effects Does Ecstacy Have on Your Body?

Answer The drug Ecstasy has been available since the 1980s when it surfaced as a street drug, according the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The number of people using Ecstasy increased in the 1990s when... Read More »

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What Effects Does Low HDL Have on the Body?

Cholesterol levels fall into three categories, and HDL is one of them. Keeping an eye on it, as well as LDL and total cholesterol levels, will keep you healthy.SignificanceHDL cholesterol is the so... Read More »

What effects does nuclear radiation have on the body?

Nuclear radiation will affect the human body according to the amount of nuclear energy that is absorbed into an individual's system. Other factors also will help to determine the potential health e... Read More »

Does ecstacy effect your lounges?

What effects can an imbalance of electrolytes have on the body.. in particular the heart?

Multiple electrolytes have different activity in the heart. The heart is most sensitive to changes in potassium and calcium. There are many other features of calcium problems before you would see... Read More »