What Effects Do Lenses & Mirrors Have on Light?

Answer Light is essentially defined as the range of electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. The electromagnetic radiation is composed of energized particles called photons that tr... Read More »

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Do microscopes use lenses or mirrors?

Microscopes use lenses and mirrors. The mirror that is mounted under the stand of the microscope causes light to bounce off it, which passes through the object to be seen, and then into the lenses.... Read More »

I have a regular slr with lenses, I am planning to buy a digital slr. Can I use the lenses I already have?

It all depends on what camera and lens system you now own. That information would have really helped.If your camera is a Canon with the FD lens mount then your lenses cannot be used on a Canon DSLR... Read More »

Do mirrors reflect light?

All mirrors reflect light, according to Boston University. For a standard flat mirror, light reflects off the mirror at the same angle that it hits the surface. This is an expression of the law of ... Read More »

How do I use mirrors to redirect light to plants?

Interior PlantsPlace mirrors and indoor plants strategically in your house to invite the most light onto plants, emitting from windows or sunroofs. It will take some trial and error, and the placem... Read More »