What Effects Do Floods Have on Humans?

Answer Floods happen for a variety of reasons, but most commonly because large amounts of rainfall cause a rise in the water level of a river. This leads to the river overflowing or its banks bursting. Ot... Read More »

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The Effects of Oil Spills on Humans?

The release of liquid petroleum into the environment due to human activity is called an oil spill. Ships transporting oil may begin to leak this substance due to human error, equipment failure or a... Read More »

The Effects of Chemical Fertilizers on Humans?

Plants need a variety of nutrients to survive. The three nutrients that plants need the most and that are the most depleted from the soil are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. As these nutrients ... Read More »

Roach Foggers & Their Effects on Humans?

Roach foggers are packaged with hard-to-miss warnings about their toxicity. They contain chemicals, insecticides, that affect humans if inhaled, ingested or applied in any way to the skin or eyes. ... Read More »

Students Activity on The Effects of Radiation on Humans?

When you hear about radiation the first thing you often think about is dangerous invisible death rays or atomic bombs. But every day each living thing is bathed in a sea of radiation, and without i... Read More »