What Effects Do Cigarettes Have on a Fetus?

Answer We all know that smoking is bad, since it can cause lung cancer, and many other diseases. In addition to the harm it can cause under normal circumstances, smoking is a habit pregnant women should a... Read More »

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What Kind of Effects Does Chemotherapy Have on a Fetus?

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. Unfortunately, pregnancy does not make a woman immune to cancer. Cancer treatment may have negative effects on her growing baby, but delaying treatm... Read More »

Not smoked cigarettes for 2 months since i got back home from college what effects will this have on my body?

very positive effects, thats for sure..…

Are cigarettes or marijuana more harmful to a fetus?

Smoking marijuana or cigarettes are both warned against during pregnancy. Both can cause low birth weight, though some studies have show marijuana to have a lesser effect. More studies are availabl... Read More »

What are the harmful effects of teratogens to the fetus?

Teratogens can result in several physical defects to the foetus