What Drains a Car Battery If the Alternator & Starter Are Good?

Answer It can be a mystery that you need to solve if you don’t know what is draining your battery, especially after verifying that the alternator and starter are good. It is completely normal for batter... Read More »

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How to Know if Your Starter or Alternator Is Going Bad?

Your alternator keeps all the electrical processes in your car running. It does this by converting mechanical energy from the crankshaft into electrical energy stored in the car's battery. The radi... Read More »

How to Jump a Wire From the Starter to the Alternator?

Your car's alternator usually uses a wired connection between the alternator and battery via the starter motor. When you start your car, the battery powers the starter motor, but once the engine st... Read More »

How to Tell If it Is Your Battery or Your Starter?

It's not often you need to look under a car's hood: There's a warning light for practically everything and modern cars need little attention. For non-mechanics, the engine compartment can be a conf... Read More »

Do I Need a New Alternator or Battery?

Both a bad battery and a bad alternator can cause a vehicle's electronic system to fail, resulting a car that will not run or start. Diagnosing the correct problem can help a car owner save money b... Read More »