What Does"BC"Mean in Emails?

Answer "BC" in an email stands for "blind copy." The BC field allows you to send the email to someone without others included on the email being able to see that person's email address.Source:"The Hamster... Read More »

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What are the top 5 SPAM emails you get?

1) "paypal", "ebay", etc... asking for my password, even before I actually had an account thre (so they are not the real ones)2) "Get -50% off!" on a shop I never heard of.3) Some friends sending m... Read More »

I am unable to receive emails, what to do?

Well this can be an issue with your email provider, it has happened to me also few weeks back when I was using gmail account and then my friend suggested me to use email provider. As he t... Read More »

What is the fate of deleted emails?

Its not possible to retrieve deleted emails. Its true that even after deleting, copy of that email can still exist for a little longer period on the internet. This happens because email service pro... Read More »

What does BBC in emails mean?

Hi Its not BBc in emails .Its BCc.It means Blind Carbon Copy. The receiver of the email does not know to who else you have sent the email if you put it in BCC.I think you mean Bcc which stands fo... Read More »