What Does the Spring Do in an Auto Oil Pump?

Answer An auto fuel pump refers to a pump used to draw fuel from the fuel tank to the internal combustion engine and to send it to the fuel injection system or carburetor. Auto fuel pumps contain numerous... Read More »

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How Does an Auto Fuel Pump Work?

An auto fuel pump is the device which sends the gas from your car's gas tank towards your car's engine. When your fuel pump is not operating, your engine is not getting any gas and your car will no... Read More »

Spring Vs. Pump Pellet Gun?

Spring and pump pellet guns are two of the most common choices. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages that shooters should consider before purchasing a pellet gun for personal use ... Read More »

How to Install an Auto Oil Pump?

The oil pump in an automobile's engine is a small but crucial device that pumps oil through the motor while it is running. If for some reason the oil pump fails, the oil pressure in the engine will... Read More »

Auto Water Pump Installation?

All automobiles use coolant to keep the engine from getting too hot to operate. "Cool," though, in an engine means water than isn't boiling. Coolant can still be as much 180 degrees Fahrenheit goin... Read More »