What Does the Acronym rotfl Mean?

Answer Instant messaging (IM) and texting is a very popular form of communication with the onslaught of cell phones and laptop computers. In order to communicate emotions, certain Internet slang terms hav... Read More »

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What does the acronym gbp mean?

The acronym GBP refers to the Pound Sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The Pound Sterling can also be referred to as an English Pound o... Read More »

What does the acronym VAC mean?

The acronym VAC stands for Volts Alternating Current. The phrase Volts Alternating Current refers to how much electrical energy can flow through an electrical outlet. For example, in the United Sta... Read More »

What does the acronym API mean?

The most common thing that the acronym API stands for is "Application Programming Interface." It may also stand for "Academic Performance Index," "Application Program Interface," "American Petrole... Read More »

What does the acronym SUV mean?

The most common meaning for SUV is sport utility vehicle, a large class of consumer cars. According to the website Acronym Finder, the term can also mean suburban vehicle, suburban utility vehicle,... Read More »