What Does the 700 Billion Bail Out Mean for Me?

Answer In early 2009, United States Congress authorized a $700 billion bailout of institutions affected by the ongoing stock market crash. These institutions were mostly banks and insurers adversely affec... Read More »

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Why did the $700 billion bail out package fail to cheer the investors?

Because the true source of the financial mess U.S. is in, is a slow-down of growing economy and stoppage of capital liquidity. Because of the over production in the housing market and bad loans th... Read More »

What does US spend its 500 billion dollar military budget on?

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How do bail bonds and bail agencies work?

If you or a loved one is arrested you will need to understand what bail bonds are. If you are going to use the services of a bail bond agency, you also need to understand how they work, and what y... Read More »

Oprah Winfrey does she have 40 billion?

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