What Does it mean when you have mosquito bites everywhere?

Answer They are probably not mosquito bites. They could be an allergic reaction. You could put some calamine lotion on it and stay out of scented lotions.

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I Have Mosquito Bites and i scratch them scabs everywhere! HELP!?

First you should NOT scratch them no matter how itchy. Next grab some cooking oil and cook some garlic pieces (best if you chop them) and cook it till they are brown and then let the oil cool. Then... Read More »

Help I have mosquito bites!?

I have 18 Mosquito bites, I keep scratching?

2 things i like to do ... 1 CROSSING - use ur fingernail make a X on the bump ... quits itching for about 2 hours2 LOTION - put a bit of lotion on it it will co... Read More »

I have three HUGE mosquito bites?

Wait a week, if they don't dissapear or appear to have shrunk see your doctor