What Does it Mean to Validate a Credit Card?

Answer With the option to make purchases online, more customers are using credit cards and more merchants are finding ways to accept credit card payments. While merchants who interact with their customers... Read More »

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What happens when a credit card company can't validate the debt to the consumer?

If you are being hounded for a debt you don't think you owe, you have the right to demand proof of its legitimacy. There are several federal laws that require both creditors and credit bureaus to p... Read More »

What does it mean when a credit was posted to your credit card?

A credit card company posts credit to your account primarily through payments and refunds. When you make payments, your card issuer credits the amount you paid to your account. The company may also... Read More »

What does credit card APR mean?

The term APR is used commonly to describe interest rates associated with credit cards, loans and other financial instruments; APR stands for "Annual Percentage Rate," which is the cost of a debt ex... Read More »

What does a credit card charge-off mean?

A charged-off credit account is one that a lender has written off as a loss. However, you are just as responsible for a charged-off debt as you are a current one, and a creditor may take legal acti... Read More »