What Does an Electronic Control Module Do?

Answer Cars rely on a number of electrical and mechanical parts to run properly. These parts are controlled via a central processing unit in the car called the electronic control module.

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How to Test an Electronic Ignition Control Module?

An ignition control module takes the signal from the pick-up coil or hall-effect sensor and triggers the coil based on that signal. Some modules also trigger injectors and control timing as well.

How to Change an Electronic Control Module on a 1999 G20?

The 1999 Infiniti G20´s Electronic Control Module (ECM) is an important computer that stores your vehicle´s trouble codes and alerts you of any problems by turning on the "Check Engine" light. A ... Read More »

How a GM Electronic Spark Control Module Works?

Probability is the likelihood of an occurrence. If you have two percents associated with different occurrences, you can determine the weighted average or probability of the occurrence. Determining ... Read More »

What does the electronic spark control module do on a 1988 Chevy?

The electronic spark control module, commonly known as the knock sensor, is used to regulate the engine's timing and fuel economy. The module will generate a knock when the timing is off, which in ... Read More »