What Does an Auto Motor Blower Do?

Answer Blower motors are one of those little things most people don't think about until something goes wrong. But the blower motor isn't just a fan that blows cool air in your direction; it's actually an ... Read More »

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How to Test an Auto Fan Blower Motor?

Air is circulated throughout the passenger compartment of your vehicle by a simple electric fan motor. Usually located under the passenger side of the dash, this motor can fail from time to time. T... Read More »

How Does the Evaporator on a Auto Air Conditioner Get Air to the Blower Motor?

Air conditioning systems seem complex at first glance -- and they are. But the principles upon which they work are actually very simple, and the parts they use make sense once you understand how th... Read More »

What Is a Blower Motor?

Air heating and cooling systems in cars (and in homes and other buildings) most commonly rely on forced air. Forced air is passed through heating or cooling elements and circulated to the desired l... Read More »

How to Remove a Fan Blower Motor?

The fan blower motor in most vehicles is located on the underside of the dashboard, above the passenger foot well area. This motor is responsible for blowing the hot and cold air out of the vents. ... Read More »