What Does .ac Mean on an Address Bar?

Answer The address bar on a browser shows the Uniform Resource Locator of the current web page. Uniform Resource Locator is World Wide Web terminology for address. It is usually abbreviated to URL. The ch... Read More »

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What does bcc mean at the end of a web address?

When searching through the top-level domains on, a website that sells domain names and websites, there are currently no website domain addresses that end in bcc. However, BCC is known i... Read More »

What does c/o mean in an address?

What does org mean in a web address?

The ".org" tag at the end of a web address refers to one of several of the Internet's generic top-level domains, or gTLDs--classifications used to organize online designations in a very general way... Read More »

What does gov mean on a web address?

"Gov" on a web address is the web extension for the United States government and is short for the word "government." It means that the website belongs to a branch or department of the American gov... Read More »