What Does a Star on a Firefox Tab Mean?

Answer Firefox, like other Internet browsers, uses the "Star" icon to indicate bookmarked websites. These are websites or pages that you have previously visited and would like to keep for future reference... Read More »

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What does a star mean?

When I clicked on the star, I got this message:"1 person thinks this question is interesting!"(you can then see what other questions I find interesting)Clever way to get stars. ;-) LOL

What does the barn star mean?

Large five-pointed stars first appeared on barns in German farming regions in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the 1700s. Although many people use barn stars simply for decoration, others conside... Read More »

What does the star mean on the CIA seal?

John Kennedy felt that the CIA was too powerful and had too many secrets with no one over-seeing them-He was thinking of either altering or abolishing the CIA-Abolishing the CIA would be a threat t... Read More »

What does Energy Star mean?

Energy Star is a program co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program evaluates and rates the energy efficiency of household appliances an... Read More »