What Does a Stall Converter Do?

Answer A stall converter (also known as a "torque converter") is a fluid coupler used between an engine and drive device to prevent engine stalling at low RPM. Used in place of a traditional clutch, the s... Read More »

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What Does Stall Speed of a Torque Converter Mean?

Torque converters allow an engine to idle without engaging the transmission. The revolutions per minute (RPM) at which a converter begins to transfer power from engine to transmission is called th... Read More »

What is a torque converter stall?

Torque converters can best be understood by thinking of them as a flexible linkage between the engine and transmission. These couplers use fluid pressure to allow an engine to idle until it reaches... Read More »

What is a transmission stall converter?

Most automatic-transmission vehicles have a stall (torque) converter of some sort. These fluid couplers allow an engine to idle without engaging the transmission, and are proven performers.Purpose... Read More »

What is an automobile stall converter?

An automobile stall converter works similarly to a torque converter. A torque converter acts like a clutch in automatic transmission vehicles. It literally stalls the converter to only work above a... Read More »