What Does a SERE Specialist Do?

Answer SERE is a specialized career field in the United States Air Force. A SERE specialist is trained to return from isolated events with honor. SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. The... Read More »

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What are the answeres to the SERE 100 code of conduct training?

Answer the questions then take a picture after it shows you the right answer.

Diagnosis help. I keep get sent to specialist after specialist?

The first thing I would have called for was a brain MRI. I am assuming your health care provider would have also done this same thing and when you said you had a MRI I'm guessing it was of the brai... Read More »

Network specialist vs information security specialist both associates?

Hi rubyit's good news that you are getting to start in new field ,best of luck in advance for best future in it..i think Information security specialist is the good way to get in this field where y... Read More »

What Does a Computer Support Specialist Do?

Businesses, schools and homeowners rely upon computer support specialists to solve their computer problems and return their computers to working order when they're having issues.