What Does a Oxygen Sensor Do?

Answer Because of a lack of proper knowledge about oxygen sensors, many car owners don't know how they are tested and end up getting them replaced, even when their oxygen sensor is in good condition. In f... Read More »

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What does the post-catalytic-converter oxygen sensor do?

By reading oxygen levels in the exhaust gas after it has traveled through the catalytic converter, post-catalytic-converter oxygen sensors are able to diagnose how well the catalytic converter is f... Read More »

How Does an Oxygen Sensor Work in a Car?

Oxygen (O2) sensors are temperature probes that sit in the engine's exhaust stream and monitor it. The computer uses the monitored information to control several parameters including injector pulse... Read More »

How Does an Oxygen Sensor Work?

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Does a bad oxygen sensor cause bad gas mileage?

A faulty oxygen sensor can reduce gas mileage by around 40 percent, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The oxygen sensor (often called an O2 sensor) measures the amount of oxygen in ... Read More »