What Does a New HR Manager Need to Know?

Answer Human resources managers are responsible for overseeing all employees working in the HR department and dealing with employee issues and internal operations. New HR managers are not expected to know... Read More »

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What kind of insurance does a self employed building manager need with no employees?

You can get individual medical coverage from several different companies. I write policies for individuals with BlueCross Blueshield of Florida. If you live in Florida, see my profile link below, o... Read More »

Does anyone know how to login to the employee transaction manager for express clothing?

Once you get to the etm use your employee id number, for example: 000098765use the last three of your id and your birthday as your password. ex jan 2, 1990: 756010290

Why does astro file manager for android need internet access?

Of course first time installation of Astro file manager need internet access to download it from Android Market. Once you have installed Astro file manager you don't need internet access to install... Read More »

If you need to go on short-term disability to treat alcoholism does your employer need to know that this is the reason?

Answer I doubt it - HIPAA privacy and all. Answer No. Your short term disability insurance company will determine if it is a covered event. All your employer needs to know is that it is a qualifyi... Read More »