What Does a Crankcase Position Sensor Do?

Answer A crankcase position sensor communicates with the engine's electrical control module about the revolutions per minute of the engine and where the crank assembly is positioned.

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How to Test a Crankcase Position Sensor?

If your car stalls while driving, surges unpredictably or doesn't start when the engine is warm, you may want to test your crankcase position sensor (CPS) for damage. This isn't that difficult beca... Read More »

How to Know Whether to Replace Your Camshaft Position Sensor or Crankshaft Position Sensor?

The camshaft sensor and the crankshaft sensor, although both hall effect sensors, serve different purposes. They both can be diagnosed using similar procedures. Neither sensor should have any glitc... Read More »

What does a crank position sensor do?

According to, a crank position sensor records the rate at which the crankshaft on a vehicle is spinning. The sensor calculates the crankshaft speed by measuring the frequency of pulses... Read More »

What does a camshaft position sensor do?

A camshaft position sensor can determine the speed of the camshaft. It can also detect the camshaft's acceleration, deceleration and position. The data from this is then transferred, via the sensor... Read More »