What Does a Condenser Do for an Alternator?

Answer Alternators produce an electrical field that can interfere with radio reception. An alternator condenser corrects this problem. Automobile alternators are necessary to recharge the car battery and ... Read More »

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How does a tumble dryer condenser box work?

steam from the tumble dryer makes contact with the water inside the condenser box instantly turning back to water & releasing the warm air minus steam

Why Does My New AC Condenser Fan Motor Turns the Opposite Direction Now?

turn it off switch the yellow and orange that will change your rotation1 yellow to 1 orange as long as its a reversable motor

What Is a Fridge Condenser?

The refrigerator condenser is a series of metal tubes, sometimes with fins attached, that allows the fridge coolant to diffuse heat into the outside air. Many refrigerators have their condensers on... Read More »

What is a condenser on a microscope?

The condenser, located beneath the stage of the light microscope, is part of the optical train of the microscope. The principal function of the condenser is to gather the light from the microscope'... Read More »