What Does a Carburetor Do?

Answer A carburetor is a critical component of vehicle engine operation. Serving as a vehicle's fuel induction system, a system responsible for creating an engine's air/fuel mixture, a carburetor helps to... Read More »

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What is a carburetor?

A carburetor is a mechanical device that works in conjunction with certain internal combustion engines. A carburetor controls the amount of air and fuel flowing into an engine, allowing the engine ... Read More »

Is my carburetor too big?

On One Hand: Airflow Requirements.The factory carburetor was designed to flow a suitable amount of air based on the way the car was equipped. If other performance modifications have been made, it's... Read More »

What Is a VM Carburetor?

A VM carburetor, which is also known as a round slide carburetor, is a special type of carburetor that is produced exclusively by the Mikuni Company of Japan.

How to Set a Carburetor?

On vehicles without a fuel injection system, the carburetor controls how much oxygen and fuel is delivered to the engine for combustion. If the carburetor isn't set correctly and allows a mixture t... Read More »