What Does a Camshaft Sensor Control in a Vehicle?

Answer In most vehicles manufactured since the 1970s, an on-board self-diagnostic system has monitored engine performance. When it senses a fault, the system notifies the driver via a malfunction indicato... Read More »

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What does a camshaft position sensor do?

A camshaft position sensor can determine the speed of the camshaft. It can also detect the camshaft's acceleration, deceleration and position. The data from this is then transferred, via the sensor... Read More »

What does the camshaft position sensor do in a Dodge Intrepid?

Produced from 1993 to 2004, Dodge's Intrepid family sedan has always had a choice of fuel-injected engines, all of which use camshaft position sensors. These sensors are a vital part of the compute... Read More »

What Is a Camshaft Sensor?

A camshaft sensor is a device that adjusts spark timing and fuel delivery on certain ignition systems that do not have a distributor. The camshaft sensor signals the car's computer that the cam is ... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of a Camshaft Sensor?

In 2010, your car has more and more things controlled by the computer. It is not only exhaust problems that the computer tells you about, but it will let you know about almost anything that is caus... Read More »