What Does a Blue Rose Stand For?

Answer The blue rose is a mythical flower. Horticulturalists endeavor to create blue roses with dyed petals or through hybridization that creates purplish approximations of a blue rose, but true blue rose... Read More »

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How Do I Dye a Rose Blue?

Fill a vase 3/4 with warm water. Add blue systemic floral dye, or blue food coloring, at a rate of 16 gs per liter and mix until dissolved. Fill a small bowl with floral hydration pretreatment solu... Read More »

What does the Rose of Sharon stand for?

The Rose of Sharon is mentioned in the Old Testament, Song of Solomon 2:1. Sharon refers to a large tract of land in Palestine, and Solomon's wife called herself the "Rose of Sharon," likely meanin... Read More »

Meaning of a blue rose?

Rose Color Meaning:White Roses - Innocence and purityGreen Roses - FertilityYellow Roses - Joy and friendshipLavender Roses - EnchantmentOrange Roses - Enthusiasm, passionRed Roses - Love and roman... Read More »

Where can I get a blue rose in the Philippines?