What Does Tri-Coating a Car Mean?

Answer Few things bring a car to life quite like a fresh paint job. When doing it yourself or getting a basic paint job from an auto center, a single or double coat is typically used, and the quality vari... Read More »

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How to Use Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of painting process that is done by spraying a flour-like substance out of a paint gun. The dry flour-like paint is cured in an oven where the paint becomes hard and glossy... Read More »

What is teflon coating?

Teflon, the brand name for a polymer coating developed by DuPont, not only covers countless pots and pans as a non-stick surface but also serves a variety of industrial applications.Chemical Makeup... Read More »

What does Inconel coating mean?

Inconel is an alloy composed of nickel, chromium and aluminum that is known for its resistance to oxidation. Inconel coatings add a layer of protection, as it is corrosion resistant even at high te... Read More »

What is nano coating?

its a shine they put on it to keep it from wear.