What Does Sugar Do in a Car's Gas Tank?

Answer There is a popular misconception that the addition of sugar to a gas tank can ultimately lead to permanent engine failure. In truth, sugar does little damage, and recent scientific developments eve... Read More »

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What Size Is the Gas Tank on Most Cars?

Fuel tank capacity can be found in any car's user manual. However, car manufacturers estimate that a vehicle's fuel tank capacity rating can vary by as much as 3 percent from actual capacity due to... Read More »

What happens when you put sugar in a gas tank ?

In 1996, On Board Diagnostics became universal for vehicles sold in the United States. This means the same vehicle diagnostic system is used across all makes and models. The system is often abbrev... Read More »

How to Fix Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Discovering that sugar has been put in the gas tank of a car may cause extreme panic for the vehicle's owner. This is largely because legend has it that the sugar will melt in the tank and then pas... Read More »

How to Fix a Car if Someone Put Sugar in Your Gas Tank?

There is a common belief that placing sugar in a car's gas tank can ruin the car's engine and create a very costly repair. The truth is, sugar does not dissolve in gas and remains in a solid state.... Read More »